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Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
relationship and i can tell you covering the intelligence world the cia is going to be extremely interested in who jill kelley is and what her motives were here. the coincidence of having a relationship of some kind with the head of the cia and a relationship that involved potentially inappropriate e-mails with the top commander in afghanistan is something worth looking at. >> 30,000 pages? >> 30,000 pages of inappropriate, what does that mean? >> triple spacing? >> does that mean picture? >> you've had students, triple spacing. >> the margins. it's all courier font and you adjust the margins. >> maybe sharing material, is that what we're talking about? >> it's unclear. i haven't seen the e-mails but your friend and mine ben white at politico tweeted that is more pages than "war and peace" so clearly the general had some spare time on his hands to compose these e-mails and send them off. >> you have twins and then you need two generals i guess. >> maybe it was reply all. >> so much better than "army wives." >>> will the estate tax kill an economic comeback? joining us now his tak
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
her if she could have spotted the affair that brought down the head of the cia. how are you? >>> investigation discovery is discovery communication's biggest growth story. 42 consecutive months of prime time gains and joining us is the host of the network's "deadly affairs" program, susan lucci. you might know her as erica kane on the long running soap opera "all my children" and gai'm getting input. "deadly affairs" this isn't they're deadly, they ruin someone's career. someone has died. >> someone has died and joe you asked me earlier does someone have to die? that's the question, why don't people walk away, i don't know why or divorce would be an option, but these are love triangles, crimes of passion, just gone as wrong as they possibly can go. >> and you never run out. >> that is another shocking aspect of this. i mean truth is stranger than fiction, but what really makes my jaw drop is how many of these cases have gone on and are going on and they're going on next door and down the street. >> we have an "american greed" and never run out. >> what's great is first to ha
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
we're talking about are so high, where these people would know the whereabouts of the cia director, know his activities, even maybe privy to some of the stuff about the benghazi investigation that no one else is privy to. who had sex, who didn't. >> 30,000 pages of e-mails. >> that the other guy sent. >> general allen and jill kelley -- >> that appear to be a little bit weird. >> he said yesterday he was just cc'd. >> which is even weirder. >> which takes away from the fiscal cliff. i had some viewers that were laughing at me because i was saying do we go with closing loopholes and deductions or do we go with letting the tax cuts expire on the wealthy. and they were laughing. they said obama's going to do both. he's going to ask for both. he's going to want all of it. if it's 1.6 -- >> 1.6 trillion over ten years. >> twice where we were with boehner. but might be the beginning of bargain point. but you get 820 billion. so there's another 800 billion. at this point, the others are saying no cuts to medicare, social security, or anything else. and they have to find another 800 billio
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3